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Stone Carpet Turkey | Aqua ZeminStone Carpet Turkey | Aqua ZeminStone Carpet Turkey | Aqua Zemin
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Stone Carpet Turkey | Aqua ZeminStone Carpet Turkey | Aqua ZeminStone Carpet Turkey | Aqua Zemin

About us

About us

Aqua zemin was established in 2011 in Istanbul as a multidisciplinary decoration company
Our Goal
Since 2016; Our goal is to achieve success by combining all our experience and energy with the technology of the future, the new generation indoor and outdoor colored nano-coated stone carpet floor covering application, with the quality service we will provide to our valued customers.

Our products are innovative. They encourage our customers to create unique environments .


We design sustainable floors from production to application. This way, we help our clients to live in the best living spaces.


We follow an efficient process during our production which is 100% suitable for EU standards.

We not only support our customers during the application, but always
We closely follow the developments in the flooring sector and offer the most suitable solutions for the demands. We aim to be a leading company in the sector with our satisfaction-oriented and trust-indexed working model.
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Examine Our products and application

We are constantly improving ourselves with the experience we have gained over many years. Be sure to review our applications and references.

History of the Company

The network that is expanding step by step since the day we created



We have received detailed training on stone carpet with our teams in several parts of Europe.


The First Export


We opened the first (still the largest) Showroom in Europe and the Middle East.


Aquazemin was established as a multidisciplinary decoration company.


The network for the production and application of stone carpet in Turkey is established.


Sector leader with export to 12 countries

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